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Sing Me Your Story - The DVD  (2013)

This DVD features 10 live performances with a full band as well as 5 music videos. Many thanks to all the donors who helped to make this project possible!
  1. Hello 'Round the World
  2. One World, Many Stories
  3. Let's Go to the Zoo
  4. I am a Turtle
  5. The Double Life of Amphibians
  6. Polar Bears
  7. The World is Not Your Garbage Can
  8. Imagination
  9. The Mysterious Drawer
  10. Pirate Song
  11. Flying in a Balloon
  12. The Up & Down Day
  13. We Are a Patchwork Quilt
  14. It's a Long Way
  15. Family Harmony
DVD Only - $15
CD + DVD - $25

Two of a Kind Songbook (2007)

The Two of a Kind Songbook features all of our original songs written 1989-2006, plus a number of songs we helped kids to write during our artist residencies. The songs were notated by David using the Finale® software program, and feature most songs in "lead sheet" form – including lyrics, melody and chords. For many of the songs, additional verses are included beyond those on our recorded versions. There are a few songs included that we haven't recorded (yet). Some songs have piano or percussion accompaniment.



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