One World and Hello Songs Available for Download

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In honor of this year's "One World, Many Stories" library summer reading theme, we are making 2 songs available now which will eventually be on our next CD, "Sing Me Your Story".  Think of them as advance "singles"!  The songs are:
We are very excited about both of these songs, and we can't wait for you to hear them!

"Hello 'Round the World" is an international, multi-lingual greeting song with a laid-back reggae groove.  The chorus features "hello" in many languages - with a wonderful Kids' Chorus on the echo - from more familiar, common ones like Spanish, Arabic and Swahili to lesser-known ones such as Basque, Marshallese and Mohican.  

"One World, Many Stories" is a real tour de force, featuring more tracks than we have ever had before on a Two of a Kind recording.  The lyrics celebrate the ability of books to take us to many lands (France with Madeline, India with Mowgli, Spain with Ferdinand, etc.).  Along with the references to various countries, we have international instruments in the mix including Highland bagpipes, didgeridoo, sitar, koto, shamisen, cuica, kalimba, dumbek, shekere, djembe and Spanish and Mariachi trumpets.  The Chorus, sung in unison as well as a round in 2 and 4 parts, sounds great with our Kids' Chorus.  The verses are sung not only by David & Jenny, but by many guest vocalists including Billy Jonas, Hope Wesley Harrison, Justin Solonynka, our sons Ari & Jason, and members of the Kids' Chorus.

We hope you enjoy the result!

To read updates of the recording process for "Sing Me Your Story", including photos of lots of our musician friends in the studio, check out or


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