How Will You Rock the World?
Our songs "Girls Who Rock the World" and "Boys Who Rock the World" feature verses about people who did something special or important before they were 20 years old. Tell us what you think you will do to "rock the world." It could be something related to helping people or making things more fair in the world, or an achievement in music, science, sports, writing, or anything you can imagine.

For inspiration, you might be interested to read about other young people who have made a difference. Here are some books we recommend:
  • It's Our World, Too! Stories of Young People Who are Making a Difference, by Phillip Hoose
  • We Were There, Too! Young People in U.S. History, by Phillip Hoose
  • Girls Who Rocked the World - Heroines from Sacagawea to Sheryl Swoopes, by Amelie Welden
  • Boys Who Rocked the World - From King Tut to Tiger Woods, by the Editors of Beyond Words Publishing
  • Girls Who Rocked the World 2 - Heroines from Harriet Tubman to Mia Hamm, by Michelle Roehm
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