DVD Only – $15

CD + DVD – $25

This DVD features 10 live performances with a full band as well as 5 music videos.Many thanks to all the donors who helped to make this project possible!

noFrame2013 Creative Child
DVD of the Year
Award Winner

Sing Me Your Story – The DVD (2013)

  • “Fun, entertaining and loaded full of interactive and lively music for my kids to enjoy!! Your kids will love these LIVELY two and their music too!” – blog

CD Only – $15

CD + DVD – $25

Celebrating the stories in everyone, from books, personal journeys and children’s imagination, with special guests Kim & Reggie Harris, Billy Jonas, Acoustic Blender and many more!Many thanks to all of the donors who helped to make this project possible!

noFrame2012 Creative Child
CD of the Year Award Winner

2012 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner


Sing Me Your Story (2012)

  • “… A highlight of children’s music. It is beautifully produced, excellently performed, and it offers music that both entertains and educates.” – Lahri Bond, Review accompanying 2012 Parents’ Choice Award.
  • “Great rhythms, fun songs and a wonderful way to celebrate the music-literacy connection.” – Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer.
  • “This CD is fun filled, will get your kids hands clapping and their feet moving! Your kids will love this music!” – Review on One Bored Mommy blog

Includes “I Have 2 Stomachs (Winner, John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and Honorable Mention, International Songwriting Competition) and “Think of it as an Adventure” (Winner, Children’s Music Web Awards – Best Song for Younger Children, 5-8 years)

2007 Parents’ Choice
Award Winner
2007 International
Songwriting Competition
Award Winner
Family Album (2007)

  • “A group of songs filled with harmony, endlessly catchy melodies, and songs that can’t help but appeal to a wide audience.” – CD Baby
  • “A loving paean to family past and future that blends vibrant songs and sterling production value into a satisfying musical mix that begs repeated listening.” – John Wood,
  • “15 rollicking songs that both children and adults will enjoy.” – School Library Journal

Children’s Music
Web Award Winner
Kids Radio Mania Family
Favorite Award Winner

2005 Parents’ Choice
Award Winner
So Many Ways To Be Smart (2005)

  • “A toe-tapping, hand-clapping, sing-alongable collection of spectacular songs. These songs feed your brain, warm your heart, inspire and educate at the same time.” – Billy Jonas
  • “Kids, parents and teachers will all find something to sing about on this CD.”  –Sally Rogers

noFrame2002 Children’s Music Web
Double-Award Winner

Patchwork Planet (2002)

  • “A great album of singable songs about important things.” – Bill Harley
  • “How wonderful to hear family music that combines great songs, great ideas, and great musicianship … all in one package. Patchwork Planet stitches it all together.” – John McCutcheon

Children’s Music Web
Double-Award Winner

Parents’ Choice
Silver Honor
Award Winner
Going On An Adventure (1999)

  • “Solid musicianship and decidedly upbeat energy will have listeners proclaiming this husband-and-wife team as a one-of-a-kind find.” – Publishers’ Weekly
  • “Going On An Adventure is a peppy, upbeat album full of danceable inventive tunes and catchy melodies that keep the kids swaying to the music and highly entertained … Superb Stuff there !!!!” – Stavros Moschopoulos, FAO CASA GAZETTE, Rome, Italy

Children’s Music
Web Award Winner

Parents’ Choice
Silver Honor
Award Winner
Connections (1999)

  • “I think Connections is a great album.” – David Zinovenko, “The Carousel” radio show
  • “I WAS BLOWN AWAY by Connections!!!” – Ed Davidson, grandparent





Love Makes A Family (1996)

  • “Children will like this joyful collection of songs. A good choice for schools and libraries.” – School Library Journal





Friends (1994)

  • “An excellent teaching tool as well as a wonderful source of entertainment for children.” – Diane Brown, Educator
(For Grown-Ups)



When we’re together with our friends Justin Solonynka and Hope Wesley Harrison, we’re collectively known as Acoustic Blender.

This is Acoustic Blender’s debut recording!






Acoustic Blender: Crazy Whirled (2008)

  1. A Home
  2. Clarita
  3. Lives in the Balance
  4. Crazy World
  5. Anyway
  6. A Question of Tempo
  7. Caleb’s Real
  8. In My Life
  9. Why Walk When We Can Fly
  10. Metal Drums
  11. Even You
  12. Suspended in the Air
  13. Live Peace
  14. Going Home
  • “[Acoustic Blender is] a group of four uniquely talented musicians who sing intelligent, witty, and uplifting songs. They blend their classical, contemporary, and traditional folk influences together as seamlessly as they blend their powerful four-part harmonies.” – Otto Bost, host of “Acoustic Eclectic” on WDIY-FM
  • “With exquisite vocal harmonies and intelligent, socially-conscious lyrics, the folk quartet Acoustic Blender weaves classical, jazz, gospel and contemporary styles into a wonderful, crazy quilt.” – Steve Siegel, The Morning Call

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