Let the Light In cover

Let the Light In, our new album for grown-ups, is here! Although it will be officially released on June 8, you can get it directly from us now. It features 16 songs, including 14 originals as well as songs by Amanda Udis-Kessler and Amy Soucy & Stephen Murphy. Many of the songs were written during the pandemic, and a few deal with that challenging time. There’s lots of social justice material here, including songs about January 6, LGBTQI+ pride, civility, climate change, anti-racism, and 4 songs from our musical Hidden. Personal themes are also represented, particularly relating to time, aging and stages of life. Many wonderful vocalists & instrumentalists contributed their talents to this recording. Overall, these songs provide hope in hard times.

You can get the CD here:
and you can download it (or individual songs) on BandCamp:
After June 8, it will be available on all download & streaming platforms.

Video sampler: https://youtu.be/f-pAhsjv_k4?si=w-qQDUC5FnvwAulE