Thematic Programs

Thematic Programs

elementary school music assembly programsTwo of a Kind is available for programs at schools, libraries, performing arts centers, concert halls, festivals, museums, zoos, aquariums, camps and special events. Children, teachers and parents love Two of a Kind concerts because of the interaction, the humor, the messages and the great songs.  All programs are available live or online.  Virtual programs can be live via Facebook Live or Zoom, or available as video files or links.

Sample Thematic Programs:
(Two of a Kind can combine themes, emphasize a theme, or do a non-thematic program)

7 Nights to Read
Songs related to reading and books
(PreK-Grade 6)

Common Threads
Songs of multiculturalism, diversity & unity – similarities and differences between people of many cultures and abilities
(K-Grade 6)

Caring for the Earth
Environmental songs, including songs about recycling, pollution, animals and their habitats
(K-Grade 6)

Talk it Out
Songs of conflict resolution, anti-bullying, cooperation and peace
(K-Grade 6)

Underneath the Deep Blue Sea
Songs of sea creatures and water with an environmental focus
(K-Grade 6)

Caring For Each Other
Character Education program, featuring songs about values such as respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, etc.
(K-Grade 6)

Crazy Critter Concert
Songs about animals and their habitats, with an environmental focus
(Grades K-6)

Together We Can Make a Difference
Songs about cooperation and unity, and songs which tell the stories of people (both famous and ‘ordinary’) and their positive effect on others
(Grades 1-6)

Singing for our Lives
A lecture/demonstration about the connections between music and movements for social change, with an emphasis on the civil rights, labor, peace and women’s movements.
(Grades 6-12)

Going on an Adventure
Songs inspired by and enriching children’s imaginations including topics such as dinosaurs, pirates, dressing up and more.

Your Theme Here (Library Summer Reading themes, etc.)
We have a large repertoire of songs and are happy to work with you to develop a program to meet your needs. We frequently design programs to connect with the Summer Reading themes of various libraries, library systems or states.

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