Guest Article: Here’s How You Can Teach Your Kid About Self-Care

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Here’s How You Can Teach Your Kid About Self-Care

It’s well-known that adults should work self-care into their daily lives. It helps us to re-center and relax in a stressful world. But did you know that self-care is just as vital for kids? 

Children are juggling many responsibilities, including school, chores, friendships, extracurricular activities, and more. It’s essential that they learn how to foster their health and well-being despite everything they have going on. And if you don’t teach your child, who will? Check out these kid-friendly self-care tips courtesy of Two of a Kind!

Remember they’re looking at you.     

First of all, remember that your kids are watching what you do every day. And the best way to teach them about self-care is to activate it in your own life. Try to maintain a nutritious diet based on vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains. Find a fitness routine that fits into your business schedule and a bedtime routine that helps you get adequate rest. 

Also, understand that your child will feel whatever stress you are feeling. If you are dealing with anxiety at work, find ways to alleviate it so that you can keep a peaceful atmosphere at home. Many parents find that mixing up their routine and taking regular breaks can reduce work stress significantly.

Invest in headphones. 

Music can do wonders for improving mental health and well-being. One of the best investments you can make in your child is to get them a set of high-quality headphones so that they can listen to relaxing music at home, school, or anywhere else they may be.

You could also buy them music from artists like Two Of A Kind who write songs specifically for children. Moreover, consider carving out time each day to let your child listen to music in their own space, whether that is in their room, in the backyard, or in a nook in the living room.

Camp out in the backyard. 

One way to bond with your little one is to organize a camp out in your backyard. Even if you don’t sleep outdoors, he can help your entire family decompress from a long day. 

Set up a tent, bring out the acoustic guitar, and roast some marshmallows. You might even enjoy stargazing together. Backyard camping is a practical way to help your child develop, for nature and outdoor activities.

Spend one-on-one time. 

Sometimes, you don’t need to plan special activities to make an impact. Simply carving out time to spend one on one with your child can strengthen your bond and provide an opportunity for your child to catch you up on what they have been thinking about and feeling. Be intentional about getting a bit of quality time with your child each day.

Go hiking.

 If you live near a hiking trail, consider organizing a family outing over the weekend. Tons of mental and emotional health perks can come from spending time in nature, and hiking will benefit your physical health. It also might expose your child to new plant life and animals. Who knows, maybe your family will make hiking a weekly event! 

Promote journaling. 

Journaling is a powerful way to release thoughts and emotions for adults and children alike. If you have a younger child, consider introducing them to guided journaling. Your older child may enjoy a blank journal where they can write about whatever is on their mind.

Children are under a lot of pressure these days, and it’s up to us to guide them through it. Consider the tips above as you determine a plan for teaching your child about self-care. And most importantly, remember to lead by example!

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