Jenny’s Song on “Trans & Nonbinary Kids Mix”

Julie Be of Ants on a Log has put together a wonderful  Trans & Nonbinary Kids Mix recording, and we are honored that it includes Two of a Kind’s recording of Jenny’s song “Be Who You Are.”  It is such a powerful and important collection of songs, including music from Alphabet Rockers, Totally Knuts, Ryan Cassata, Ants on a Log, Vivek Shraya, Evan Greer, Taina Asili, Salem Corwin, Beppie, Star Amerasu, Chana Rothman, Alastair Moock, Shawnee, Be Steadwell, The Okee Dokee Brothers, Queer Kid Stuff, Two of a Kind, Cathy Fink, StormMiguel Florez, Emily Joy Goldberg. and Jennifer Angelina Petro.

You can get it here:
All proceeds benefit Camp Aranu’tiq, a summer camp for transgender/nonbinary youth.

You can watch a trailer here.

NPR did a super-cool interview with Julie Be about this project, and they played “Be Who You Are” prominently near the beginning!  You can hear the interview here:


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